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The Network membership is made up of multi-disciplinary venues who programme year round and across artforms for children. 3 of the 4 venues have a wider remit than children but all 3 have a proven track record in terms of programming across artforms for that demographic.

Each has pro-actively developed relationships with audiences (schools and families) and artists who work in this area. Their commitment through their programming strands, financial investment and artist support are on record. The Ark’s programme and experience speaks for itself. The focus of Short Works is on children aged between 2-12 years. The multi-disciplinary capacity of the member venues is seen as an essential component and a core strength. It is envisaged that as the Network develops and programmes/projects/tours are put in place, artform appropriate partners (both venues and festivals) will be invited to collaborate on specific areas of the Network’s programme. We aim at all times to be strategically and practically inclusive.



Network Venues