Bottom Dog Theatre is one of Limerick’s leading independent theatre companies with an established reputation nationally and now internationally.

Founded in late 2008 with a professional ethos and the vision of a full time locally based theatre ensemble, our current company includes Mike Burke, Myles Breen, John Murphy and Liam O’Brien.

The company’s approach is very much rooted in established ensemble practice with all new works to date having been produced through collaboration between our writers, directors and cast.

Our mission is to keep the professional practice of theatre alive in Limerick.

We do this by empowering theatre artists to base themselves in their native city working collaboratively and creatively, while at all times prioritising the creation of challenging productions that offer direct employment and encourage their commitment to a career in the theatre.

The company has been nominated for several awards nationally including 3 Irish Times Theatre Awards, and won Best Actor at Origin's 1st Irish Theatre Festival in New York for our debut in 2015.


Artistic Director Liam O'Brien
Founding Member Myles Breen
Ensemble Member John Murphy (4)
Production Manager Mike Burke


  • Drinking In America by Eric Bogosian ( National Tour 2018)

  • Drinking In America by Eric Bogosian by Eric Bogosian (Belltable 2017)

  • Animal Farm by George Orwell. Based on an adaptation of the novel by Ian Woolridge  (Belltable 2016)

  • The Bachelor of Kilkish by Myles Breen (Lime Tree Theatre 2014)

  • What Happened Bridgie Cleary by Tom MacIntyre ( National tour 2014)

  • Elegies for Angels, Punks and Raging Queens by Bill Russell ( Dublin Gay Theatre Festival 2012)

  • The Revenger's Tragedy by Mike Finn (Belltable 2009)

  • Language Unbecoming A Lady by Myles Breen (Belltable 2009)