Brokentalkers was founded by artists Feidlim Cannon and Gary Keegan to create new, innovative and accessible live performance.

We make work in variety of spaces, ranging from theatres to public spaces, galleries and on the world wide web.

Through our work we seek to explore new forms of performance that challenge traditional ideologies of text based theatre.

We are fiercely committed to a collaborative process in our approach to theatre making and draw from the skills, experiences and personal histories of the collective to inform the development of the work.

We collaborate with people from diverse disciplines and backgrounds, some are professional practitioners, others are people who have no experience in the theatre but who bring an authenticity. Brokentalkers engage with broad and diverse communities in compelling and provocative ways.

Our work responds to the contemporary world of which it is a part and uses film, dance, pop culture, found material, original writing and classic texts to represent that world in performance.

Our work transcends cultural and geographical boundries to tell universal stories of contemporary life.


Creative Producer Rachel Bergin
Artistic Director Feidlim Cannon
Artistic Director Gary Keegan


  • Masterclass by Feidlim Cannon, Gary Keegan, Adrienne Truscott (Project Arts Centre 2021)

  • The Examination by Feidlim Cannon, Gary Keegan (Project Arts Centre 2019)

  • This Beach by Feidlim Cannon, Gary Keegan ( First produced at the Münchner Kammerspiele. 2016)

  • This Beach by Feidlim Cannon, Gary Keegan (Project Arts Centre 2016)

  • The Circus Animals' Desertion by Feidlim Cannon, Gary Keegan (Samuel Beckett Theatre 2016)

  • It Folds by Feidlim Cannon, Megan Kennedy, Jessica Kennedy, Gary Keegan (Abbey Theatre/Amharclann na Mainistreach 2015)

  • Have I No Mouth by Feidlim Cannon, Gary Keegan (Project Arts Centre 2012)

  • The Blue Boy by Feidlim Cannon, Gary Keegan (The Lir 2011)

  • Silver Stars by Seán Millar (Project Arts Centre 2008)

  • Drinking Dust ( site-specific 2008)



  • play

    © Brokentalkers

  • play

    © Brokentalkers

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