Spanner in the Works Theatre Company (SITW) was established in Belfast in September 1998. The company was created by combining the talents of four women from the Lyric Drama Studios. It remains an all-female company today, and is led by Artistic Director Patricia Downey.

Although based in Belfast, SITW undertakes performances and workshops throughout Ireland, both North and South. The company works with both rural and urban communities, and with both sides of Norther Ireland's main traditions. SITW specialises in working with women and young people, particularly to explore a range of social concerns through the medium of drama.

SITW uses workshops and devised pieces to develop productions that explore contemporary social issues. SITW productions are always challenging to both audience and performers, and often deal with difficult, hard-hitting and sometimes controversial subject matter. The company takes its inspiration from its local and wider community, the people of Northern Ireland and their social environment and the fragility of human life.

SITW continue to seek new challenges as a company, for its audiences and the community it works in and with.

REVIEWS The Irish News described 'Cuss the World' as "challenging & provocative. both educates and entertains", whilst Daily Ireland said that it was "an emotional rollercoaster of a production that engages the audience directly" and described it simply as "gripping". Spanner in the Works collected dozens of comments from parents, carers, older teenagers and others in the audience, showing clearly that the play connected with the reality of day-to-day experiences.

Nadine wrote it was "the most terrifying thing I've ever seen", Seamus described it as "brutally honest", whilst Marie just said "I'm in bits".


Artistic Director Patricia Downey