Teac Damsa was formed by Michael Keegan-Dolan in 2016.

Between 1997 and 2015, Michael was the artistic and executive director of Fabulous Beast Dance Theatre, which was described as "one of the most daring and highly original dance theatre companies in the world" (The Times). Fabulous Beast was a vehicle for his productions, delivered in a unique style blending narrative and physical theatre, dance, speech and song. Productions include Giselle (2003), The Bull (2005) and The Rite of Spring (2009), all of which were nominated for an Olivier award. Rian won a Bessie Award (a New York Dance and Performance Award) in 2013 and toured the world between 2012 and 2015, with performances in the UK, Germany, Spain, the USA, Australia, France, Hong Kong, Austria, Singapore, Sweden, New Zealand and Ireland. The 2013 Stravinsky Double Bill paired a reimagining of 2009' The Rite of Spring with a new production of Petrushka. Its premiere was at Sadler's Wells London in April 2013 on the 100th anniversary of the original ballet's premiere. The show then went on to the Movimientos Festival in Germany, Galway Arts Festival, Brisbane and Melbourne Festivals in Australia, and a five week tour of the UK.

In supporting Michael's artistic journey of connecting further with ancient cultural roots, folk music, native traditions and older ways, the decision was taken to bring to a close the chapter of the Fabulous Beast, and to launch a new venture. In Spring 2016, this new company identity was revealed to be Teac Damsa. The name is derived from the old Irish way of writing Teach Damhsa, meaning House of Dance. Its choice reflects Michael's continuing excavation of his connection with his cultural ancestry and heritage.


Artistic Director Michael Keegan-Dolan


  • Swan Lake/Loch na hEala by Michael Keegan-Dolan (O'Reilly Theatre 2016)

  • The Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky / Nikolai Roerich ( International Tour 2014)

  • James Son of James by Michael Keegan-Dolan (Samuel Beckett Theatre 2007)

  • The Bull by Michael Keegan-Dolan (O'Reilly Theatre 2005)

  • Giselle by Michael Keegan-Dolan (Samuel Beckett Theatre 2003)


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