The Complex’s new play ‘F.A.T. D.A.D.’ tells the story of the profound impact a teacher and hunger striker had on his pupils in the Smithfield area during the 1980s and 1990s. The play will run from Thursday, 15th February to Sunday, 25th February (previews on 13th/14th February).

Inspired by true events ‘F.A.T. D.A.D.’, an acronym for the six counties under British rule, depicts the life of a teacher, Fiachra Martin. His classroom acts as a symbol of a divided Ireland and the conflicting lives of his students. Mr Martin goes on hunger strike with Bobby Sands, and while his beliefs deepen, he finds himself unemployed and homeless. His bond with his former students however holds strong.

From the team that brought you ‘Complexity’ and ‘Green’ (nominated for Best New Play), The Complex’s play ‘F.A.T. D.A.D.’ offers an immersive theatre experience, in which audience members are free to move within the action of the story. Written by local playwright Anthony Goulding and directed by Artistic Director of The Complex, Vanessa Fielding. For more information visit

*Please note that wheelchair access at this venue will be restricted to assisted access only. Not suitable for motorised wheelchairs.


  • €10.00 Preview 13th& 14th Feb | €12.00 Groups of 10 or over | €15.00 | €18.00


  • Tue, Feb 20 | 20:00
    Wed, Feb 21 | 20:00
    Thu, Feb 22 | 20:00
    Fri, Feb 23 | 20:00
    Sat, Feb 24 | 20:00
    Sun, Feb 25 | 16:00

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