Performed by Charlotte Bradley Directed by Bairbre Ní Chaoimh Written by Eithne McGuinness Typhoid Mary was alleged to have caused up to fifty deaths…but was her real crime was that she was poor, an Irish immigrant and a woman?.. Tickets:€15 Bookings: 087-1129970 ‘

Typhoid Mary’ by Eithne Mc Guinness is a fascinating play about Mary Mallon, an Irishwoman working as a cook for various affluent families in New York in the early 1900s. Alleged to have infected fifty-one people with typhus, at least three of whom died, Mary always maintained that she was not a carrier of the disease. Some estimates suggest however that she caused fifty deaths. Quarantined and imprisoned on North Brother Island in New York harbor, Mary died after almost three decades in isolation. At the time of her death, NY health officials had identified more than 400 other healthy carriers of typhus, but no one else was forcibly confined or victimized. Was Mary’s crime that she was poor, an immigrant and a woman?


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