Accidental Theatre is a collision of perspectives, art forms and unusual collaborations – curious stories told through vibrant, ambitious performances. We work with playwrights, actors, filmmakers, DJs, choreographers, musicians, poets, painters, technicians and curators to craft plays for Ireland and the world stage. Every production is a fresh invention, each play’s architecture defined by the artists with whom we build it. Collective risk-taking is the inspiration that jolts our work into new theatrical territories and opens it up to new audiences. Accidental walks the tightrope between the unexpected and the impossible, exploring the intersection between British narrative and European aesthetic styles of theatre.


We tour work throughout Ireland, the United Kingdom and internationally.


Artistic Director Richard Lavery
Dramaturg Emily DeDakis
Outreach Facilitator Teresa Hill


  • Michelle & Arlene by Rosemary Jenkinson ( Performed at Accidental's pop-up theatre at 12-13 Shaftesbury Square, Belfast. 2017)

  • Gordon Osràm's Funeral by Dave Kinghan ( Performed in Riddell's Warehouse, 87-91 Ann Street, Belfast, BT1. 2016)

  • Gordon Osràm's Funeral by Dave Kinghan & Accidental Theatre ( Riddell's Warehouse in Belfast 2016)

  • The Lost Martini by Richard Lavery, devised by the Company ( Wellington Buildings, Wellington Street, Belfast 2015)

  • The Lost Martini by Devised by the company. ( Performed in the Wellington Buildings, Belfast.  2015)

  • The Kitchen, the Bedroom and the Grave by Donal O'Hagan (Grand Opera House 2014)

  • Death (on a Shoestring) by Dave Kinghan (Grand Opera House 2012)

  • The Writers' Room by Michael Shannon (Brian Friel Theatre 2011)

  • Confession by Darran McCann (Brian Friel Theatre 2008)



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